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Nonprofit organization provides settlement services for refugees and immigrants

Who We Are

Hope for Afghanistan Refugees & Immigrants is a nonprofit organization that provides settlement assistance for people who are unable to return to their country of origin due to fear, discrimination, and formidable circumstances. We are entirely run by a group of volunteers who, despite having different backgrounds, come as one to bring light to the lives of refugees and immigrants.

What We Do

The support we offer through our Settlement Counseling Service provides newcomers with a place to find accurate information about settling in Canada. Our settlement counselor provides intake and assessment services to identify the needs of individual refugee and make appropriate referrals based on such needs.

Complete Your Immigration Documentation

Find an Interpreter

Access Health Care in Canada

Get a Job in Canada

Obtain Your Social Insurance Number

And More!

How It Works

1. Determine if you are eligible for the program and admissible in Canada.

2. Download and submit the immigration forms and other documents.

3. Wait for a confirmation from our volunteers.

4. Once accepted, a Settlement Counselor will carry out further assessments to make appropriate referrals based on such needs.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or contact us in North York, Ontario. One of our volunteers will be in touch with you shortly to assist with your concerns.

Support Hope for Afghanistan Refugees & Immigrants

in making resettlement possible for people who have been forcibly displaced from their country of origin.

Our Story

After making resettlement possible for several refugee families in 2017, our founders decided to gather more sponsors to help immigrants who have nowhere to turn to for assistance. In 2019, Hope for Afghanistan Refugees & Immigrants was established and incorporated as a nonprofit organization. 

Our Mission

To ensure that all refugees and immigrants in Canada have access to everything they need for a smooth transition into the way of life in their new country, ultimately laying the foundation for a successful life in Canada.

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