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Assisting in the Resettlement of Displaced Refugees and Immigrants

Contact us in North York, Ontario to learn about all the ways you can help.

Services Offered

At Hope for Afghanistan Refugees & Immigrants, the support we offer through our Settlement Counselling Service provides newcomers with a place to find accurate information about settling in Canada. Our Settlement Counsellor provides intake and assessment services to identify the needs of individual refugees and make appropriate referrals based on such needs. Our services include:

  • Support With Immigration Documentation
  • Access to Education
  • Employment
  • Childcare, Health Care, Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
  • Assistance With Affidavits, Travel Consents, and Invitation Letters
  • Help in Obtaining Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)
  • Locating Interpreters
  • Selecting a Family Physician and Dentist
  • Assisting With Applying for Provincial Health Care Coverage
  • Enrolling Children in School and Adults in Language Training
  • Introducing Newcomers to People With Similar Personal Interests
  • Providing Orientation With Regard to Everyday Activities, such as Banking Services

Get Started

Talk to a volunteer today in North York, Ontario for any questions or concerns. You may also check out our FAQ page for more information.

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